Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution: Carpets at home are sometimes very hard to keep them neat. Stains from pets, kids, drink spills and several other agents tend to make the carpet look so dirty. Most individuals seek the help of professional carpet cleaners to handle the job, but, this might be too expensive for the majority. Having a good carpet cleaner solution is just the best step to take into the home.
There are many carpet cleaners available in the market today but getting the best ones might be a whole lot of issues for most buyers. Good carpet cleaner solution should be able to effectively remove carpet stains and odor caused by dirt from us or pets. Note that no matter how hard you may try to keep your carpet clean, some paths that are regularly used might start wearing out making it look ugly and dirty.

Our team has carefully carried out good research online and offline for the best carpet cleaner solution for consumers’ interest. This article will guide every consumer to buy quality carpet cleaner solution for pets and themselves too. Getting a good carpet cleaner solution involves having the one that is safe for both pets, humans and can effectively remove dirt and stain with offensive odor from the carpet.

Below is our top ten best carpet cleaner solution. You don’t have to bother yourself trying to browse through the internet or waste your time making investigations on the best available carpet cleaner solution for your use, the work is already done for you by our experts. We have carefully helped you search for the pros and cons of all the carpet cleaner solutions on our list. Also, we’ve made sure you get these products from authorized sellers so you don’t end up losing your hard-earned cash.T

10 Best Carpet Cleaner Solution For Pets

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1. Hoover SmartWash Carpet Washer

Hoover SmartWash Carpet Washer

This brand has been carefully selected by our experts. The solution is highly concentrated with quality detergent suitable for daily usage. Good to remove, odors, dirt, grime and any kind of stain caused either by pet or human. One thing about this solution is that it is not only fit for carpets, it is also good for upholstery and car interiors. The Hoover SmartWash Carpet Cleaner is manufactured with an auto-clean motion sensing which helps to eradicate guesswork. With this best carpet cleaning solution, you don’t have to worry about calling professionals to take care of your carpets. It can get the work done in just a few minutes without much stress.

Key Features of the Hoover SmartWash Carpet Washer

These special features made this product outstanding among other available cleaning solutions in the market. Also, this is the best carpet cleaner solution for pets too.

  • Good scent
  • Created with the latest style of technology
  • Simple to operate
  • Highly concentrated solution
  • Very Affordable.

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  • It has a lovely scent that leaves the room with a good scent after cleaning is done
  • It has a simple and automated style of cleaning and drying a carpet.
  • It is a highly concentrated detergent solution
  • It has a high effect on stains and any kinds of dirt caused by humans or pets
  • It is made with an auto cleaning motion sensing that is crafted to remove the guesswork
  • It is super smart and portable and so easy to operate.


  • The machine tends to run through the solution very quickly making you use more detergent solution in one cleaning.

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2. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell Big Green

This is one of the best carpet cleaning solutions that will provide you with a thorough clean to all kinds of carpet stains and make a perfect wash. The Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine sprays the carpet with detergent and water solution that assists the PowerBrush to scrub and remove dirt from carpet fibers. With this done, your carpets will be as fresh and clean as new. According to research, this product has the ability to give you the best cleaning ever. It can clean up pet urine, droppings stains and vomits without leaving any odor behind. One special thing about the Bissell is that they are very experienced in floor care products and their products are highly recognized because of their high performance, durability, and ease of use. For this reason, we have it listed on our top 10 best carpet cleaner solution for pets.

Key Features of the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

This machine has good features but the major ones have been carefully spotted out and highlighted here.

  • Powerful suction
  • Large dirt lifter power brush
  • Double Tanks
  • Effective stain tool
  • Long 9-foot hose
  • Highly concentrated solution
  • Portable

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  • Its powerful heavy-duty suction gives it the ability to effectively dry carpets within a short while
  • The power brush saves you the energy wasted on scrubbing with your hand. It scrubs easily and deeply.
  • Its double tank is made to take care of a full room cleaning. So, you don’t need to keep going to fill your tank from time to time
  • With the stain tool attachment, it can wipe clean every kind of stains it comes across while cleaning
  • Portable with high performance.


  • Tend to be very expensive

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3. Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Washer

Hoover PowerDash

This machine is one of the best carpet cleaner solutions for pets. It is manufactured with a power spin pet brush roll that offers a deep clean for most used parts of your carpet and even tough clean in smaller spaces. The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner is an easy to use machine, with a lightweight design that makes it perform well in any part of the room, even in stores too. It provides a thorough cleaning with antimicrobial protection. Aside from being very active on pet stains, it also does an amazing job on human stains. It is made with a heat force power that makes drying so fast and neat, without leaving any stain behind after cleaning.

Key Features of the Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

These features listed are a big turn on for this product.

  • Strong heatforce
  • Powerspin pet brush roll
  • Compact design
  • Removable nozzle
  • Double tank system
  • Portability.


  • This product is made for easy storage in any small space, so it does not need to occupy a lot of space when it’s not in use
  • It is made with a removable nozzle that allows the user to quickly remove and rinse off dirt and grime
  • The double tank system makes it easy to fill, empty and rinse carpets. Also, it makes it possible to separate clean water from dirty ones – convenience
  • The powerspin pet brush roll helps to clean with antimicrobials protection which is just the recommended one for pets’ messes
  • The heatforce makes it possible to allow faster drying
  • Though small, it is effective from cleaning smaller spaces to larger ones especially paths that are having much traffic
  • The lightweight makes it possible for it to be maneuvered anywhere in the house making cleaning done without stress
  • Lastly, this product is very affordable.


  • It produces a loud noise during cleaning
  • The clean tank water is so small so you might have to refill it up several times during the cleaning.

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4. Bissell ProHeat Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat

Just as earlier mentioned about the effect of Bissell products, this is yet another product from the same manufacturer that delivers an amazing result. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is wonderful on tough pet stains and general messes such as mud, food and drinks spills, etc. This machine with its exclusive pet pro-clean-up system is able to do the magic during carpet cleaning. It is made with a clean shot pretreated for easy removal of spots and stains. A 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool is included for removal of pet hair, stains and stench odor from your upholstery. It also offers a deep dry system to help make your carpet considerable dry in an hour. With this device, you have just the right tool for all kinds of stains especially pet stains. 

Key Features of the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

We have selected some key features that you should look out for in this amazing device.

  • CleanShot pretreater
  • 2-in-1 pet upholstery system
  • Antibacterial cleaning agent
  • Fast dry system
  • Dual dirtlifter power brush
  • Scotchgard carpet protection
  • Professional pet urine eliminator.

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  • One of the outstanding qualities is the provision of a professional pet urine eliminator that comes with an Oxy formula best for elimination old-time odor and urine. It attacks bad odor and gives the carpet a fresh scent
  • Made with an onboard pretreater that specially targets spots and stains giving it a deep clean
  • It has easy access to the brush which allows you to easily clean and maintain the rollers brush after usage
  • The 2-in-1 pet upholstery makes it very easy to thoroughly remove pets’ hair and dry dirt from carpets
  • The special Scotchgard carpet protection gives the carpet long-lasting protection against dirt and stains
  • It has an antibacterial cleaning solution that kills odor-causing bacteria


  • It is not really advisable for individuals with a low budget plan

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5. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Without mincing words the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer is a special carpet washer that helps to prolong the lifespan of your carpet with its deluxe carpet cleaner solution. This is a machine that is designed for multipurpose usage, it is able to clean many carpeted surface and different kinds of fabrics around the home. Cleaning your carpet with this can be so fast with spill-free tanks that are accessible to quickly fill and empty. This Power Scrub Deluxe is manufactured with a SpinScrub multiple brush system, a perfect rinse option, and an automatic detergent mixing. It has a heatforce that allows your carpet to dry quickly after cleaning. This is just the best carpet cleaner solution you need for all your carpet cleaning.

Key Features of the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

Just like every other best carpet cleaning solution on our top 10 list, this machine has amazing features that made it stand out even from other competitors’ cleaning devices.

  • Lightweight
  • An automated detergent mixing system
  • Made with an 8 inches hose and upholstery tool
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dual V nozzle
  • Dual tank
  • Strong heatforce.


  • This machine is made with a smart tank system that emptying and filling so easy without any mess and done without wasting your time
  • Offers strong and powerful suction to clean carpets very quickly and efficiently
  • Heated air is applied on the carpet for fast drying
  • Ready to use hose and upholstery tools that offer deep cleaning and able to clean hard to reach areas
  • Made with a perfect detergent mixer for good cleaning results
  • Lightweight carpet cleaner, less than 19 pounds.


  • Some customers had earlier made some complaints about the turbine getting to rust on contact with water.

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6. Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL PowerLifter

Bissell as known to major in cleaning devices has manufactured this device to extend the life span of your carpet. Dirt, as we all know, is a part of every carpet and can cause wear and tear if care is not taken. Also, note that dirt can go deep down into a carpet’s fiber as we walk on it daily thereby causing permanent damage to it. The Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner is specially made to deep clean these kinds of dirt. It is made with system and tools that enable deep cleaning and fast drying. This machine has a lightweight and to crown it all, it is made with easy to maneuver wheels to your support.

Features of the Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner Solution:

With these features, you will discover why this device is specially made for deep carpet cleaning.

  • A 4-row dirtlifter powerbrush
  • 2-in-1 tank system
  • Easy cleanup.


  • This machine is able to give an old dirty carpet a brand new life
  • For easy cleanup, this device has a feature known as the easy-to-use lint screen made to remove large dirt and its removable nozzle is there for easy cleanup after a deep clean
  • 2-in-1 thank that enables you to separate dirty water from clean one
  • Powerful roller brush that makes deep penetration on the carpet to remove stubborn stains  and dirt which is followed up by a powerful suction that takes the dirt away totally.


  • It does not have a hose. This means you might not be able to touch some smaller corners to clean them
  • There is no heater on the product which means drying might take a little longer.

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7. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell SpotClean

This Bissell product is specifically made for deep cleaning spots and stains quickly and effectively with a powerful suction that is able to lift and remove them all without much effort. Spot cleaners, unlike the spray kind of cleaning device, uses a combination of warm water, targeted cleaning formula and a strong suction tool to deep clean the right spot that needs it. Don’t get it twister, this machine can be used for all kinds of cleaning ranging from cleaning your rugs and upholstery leaving it spotless and brighter. Note that uprights are great for large areas and the whole rooms, while spot cleaners are specialized in cleaning the stairs, rugs, car interiors and many other smaller surfaces.

Key Features of the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner:

  • Large capacity tank
  • Extra reach
  • 6” stair tool
  • Professional grade formula.


  • This best carpet cleaning solution is able to remove tough spots and hard stains from upholstery, stairs, carpets and other kinds of smaller surfaces
  • It’s 5 flex hose assist to clean spots and stains in hidden areas of the carpet, rug, and upholstery making it easy for a thorough cleaning
  • It includes a 6 stair tool, 8oz professional deep cleaning formula and 3 tough stain tool for effective cleaning
  • Made with a long power cord that allows you to touch hard to reach areas
  • A large capacity tank that makes you clean without bothering to make refill often
  • It tackles varieties of harsh stains.


  • For the moment, no bad report has been mentioned about this product, just a fundamental design flaw which is not a reason to look down on this amazing product.

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8. Bissell Little Green ProHeat Carpet

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat

This best carpet cleaning solution according to its name spells convenience and has so many features that can be found on bigger machines. This portable machine is able to remove smaller deep-down stains and spots quickly and effectively. With this machine in your home, you don’t need to bring down the bigger cleaning devices because the Little Green can handle it all. It uses a combination of warm water, powerful suction, and special cleaning agents to carry out a deep cleaning – it cleans even up to the place where sprays and foams cannot reach. This best carpet cleaner is out our list because of its special quality – stains cannot reappear after a thorough cleaning. This is an effective cleaning device for your upholstery, rugs, car interiors, and other smaller spaces.

Key features Bissell Little Green ProHeat Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

  • Heated cleaning
  • 2-in-1 crevice tool
  • Tough stain tool
  • Included with cleaning formula
  • It is easy to use.


  • It cleans multiple surfaces including carpets, upholstery, stairs, rugs, auto interiors and many more
  • It is able to deep clean into crevices and deep corners of your rugs and furniture with its spray and suction tool
  • Its tough stain tools help to remove stains and spot from any surface it is used on
  • It is specially made with a stain and odor formula that is especially for extinguishing bad odors and soils
  • It is easy to carry and easy to refill its tank during use.


  • It does not have wheels attached to it. Though this is not necessary because it is lightweight.

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9. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Deep

One of the reasons that made this carpet cleaner so outstanding is the fact that it has been certified gold by The Carpet and Rug Institute. The carpet cleaner is highly recognized amongst other competitors’ carpet cleaning devices. Even professional cleaning services experts really recommend this product because of its high efficiency. Fortunately, all these special quality is made available at a very affordable price. It is professionally designed to extract heavy stains such as oil, grease, pet urines, bad odors from your carpets and upholstery both in offices and at home. It’s pretty easy check it’s uses process. It has 75% suction strength compared to other leading carpet cleaners around. This carpet cleaner is an upright one and is the only available machine with a Dual Cross Action brushes that assist to clean, polish and groom carpet fibers. It’s Super Boost feature helps to scrub paths that are mostly used and makes it free from dirt of any kind. The Deep Carpet Cleaner is easy to store after use, with a collapsible handle and removable tool.

Key Features of the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
These features outstanding and rare in most cleaning devices:

  • Dual cross action brushes that allow deep cleaning
  • Best suction power for faster cleaning
  • Breaks down stains from high traffic areas
  • Effectively clean hard to reach areas
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Collapsible handle and removable tool.


  • It is very easy to fix and get ready for use
  • Tools like the upholstery and spot remover tools can be used to deep clean stairs, mattresses, upholstery, auto interior, pet beds, and several other surfaces
  • With its super boost, it can extract heavy stains even in high traffic areas
  • It’s number one suction power can be utilized to remove deep stains where spray and foams cannot get to. Also, it can enhance faster drying time
  • With its dual cross action brushes, in just one pass it can clean dirt up to the fiber down the carpet. This feature is rare in many carpet cleaning devices
  • You don’t require much space to clean this device. It has a collapsible handle and a removable tool.


  • One major downside of this machine is that other less expensive machines can as well clean better too. But this is not a look down on the Rug Doctor as a best carpet cleaner solution for pets and human stains too.

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10. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Rug Doctor

This is another lovely product from the stables of Rug Doctor. Using this machine is just the end of dirt, spots, and stains on your carpet and upholstery. It is specially designed for offices, homes and car interiors. This is a first class product that comes in a very affordable form and easy to fix it up all by yourself and start cleaning right away at your convenience. This portable carpet cleaning solution is known in the market for its effectiveness and nicknamed small but mighty. With this machine, users are now able to clean spots off any space or surface at any given time. It is made with a carpet friendly wheel for maneuverability. Also, it has a collapsible handle for easy storage when not in use and double tank or clean and dirty water.

Key Features of the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

  • It has a motorized brush that does the scrub
  • Powerful and strong suction that removes any stains and odors
  • It removes stains and odor right from the carpet fiber
  • One machine that is portable and to do all the cleaning whether in the office, home or car interior
  • Portable and easy to maneuver
  • Easy storage
  • Affordable
  • With removable tanks that separate clean water from dirty water.


  • This portable cleaner machine does not only clean the surface but also make a deep clean down to the fiber to wash out every dirt in your rug or any surface it is used on
  • The suction power also extract deep dirt and fasten the drying time
  • The motorized brush make a roll of 1200 times every minute which goes deep down to dissolve and breakdown dirt
  • This machine is manufactured for fast cleaning and at your convenience
  • The wheel makes an easy roll whenever it is in use
  • When not in use. The machine can never be a burden because made for easy storage.


  • The product is a bit heavy but still lighter than the professional machines in the rental stores.

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Best Solution for your Carpet Cleaner

All said and done, our top ten best carpet cleaning solutions and machines are listed above. Now, it might be a very heavy task selecting the one to buy. For this reason, we have decided to help you craft out a buying guide so you don’t just start getting lost in thoughts about the most convenient cleaning solution you want to choose from. These listed guide below will really be of help to you. Consider them all them go ahead to making a wise decision on the best carpet cleaner solution for your usage.

  • Stay with the brand that gets your cleaning machine going: So many cleaning machine manufacturers would instruct that you keep using their cleaning solution in other to maintain the validity of your machine. This order is definitely infuriating but there is no cause to raise alarm. Some of them make quality detergent and it works well with their machines. Most, if not all, of the listed cleaning solution up on our list, have their own detergent Tough using another detergent may void your warranty if you are caught. But we recommend that if you have passed your warranty date you are now able to freely use the cleaning solution of your choice so fat you know it works well with your machine. It is so certain that any good detergent or cleaning solution of your choice make a perfect cleaning for you. Your cleaning device can’t go bad because of the detergent you are using. We have never heard of a cleaning device that breaks down because of the detergent used on it. There are many reasons why a machine may go bad and not because of your choice detergent.
  • Don’t confuse yourself by several names of cleaning solutions or niche formulas in the market: The most confusing part of this issue is that from same manufacturer you might get to see different cleaning solutions with different niche formula such as odor remover, pet stain special, urine odor remover, and the likes. The funny thing is that a good cleaning solution will do the work well whether it has a pet labeled on it or not. Sometimes the only difference between these formulas is just the price, apart from that they are no different from the normal standard formulas available.
  • Try to learn different cleaning methods: That you have the best carpet cleaner does not mean the machine can do it all perfectly. There are some surface cleaning that would require you to make use of different methods that is entirely different from the normal way of cleaning a soft surface. You could watch a few videos on YouTube on how to clean different kinds of stains, smears, and stains to get an effective and lasting result.
  • Follow all instructions without bypassing any of them: Any cleaning done without a cleaning solution is not going to give you the result you are looking for. Some people believe that cleaning without a solution in the machine is scam or sort of trick. You don’t have to believe this notion. Though there are few occasion where you will have to do a test run with ordinary water, this is well accepted. We also advise that you make a test with water after your cleaning so that you can be able to rinse off all the cleaning solution on your carpet. Using water to clean cannot sideline the importance of a cleaning solution.

Our Final Conclusion

Considering all we have dished out on this piece, by now you should be able to trace your steps to buying just the best carpet cleaning solution for your use. Without much ado, we would advise you to always go with your budget, set your requirement and preferences of what you want in a cleaning machine. When found, then grab it. To make your cleaning machine last longer make sure you properly stick to the maintenance instruction on the leaflet. Have a wonderful time shopping.