Best Solution For Carpet Cleaning On your Home

Best Solution For Carpet Cleaning

Best Solution For Carpet Cleaning: Carpets are the victims of spills, drops, dirt, and stain. It is somewhat tedious to get them cleaned. Instead of going for solutions available in the market, we can opt for homemade cleaning solutions to do this. We obviously don’t have to spend on them separately. There are many cleaning solutions that are homemade, tried, and observed proven results and that acts as the best remedies for cleaning carpets of any kind. Depending on the type of stain and material of the carpet, we can opt for explicit solutions to work on them. Some of the most prone stains and its effective cleaning techniques are as below.

Best Solution For Carpet Cleaning

Shaving cream and vinegar liquid – Home remedies as always will involve using of the products that are readily available at home. Here we will be using the shaving foam of any brand for that matter. Because even the basic ones are great in removing any type of stain. We must apply the shaving cream on the affected areas and let it set for almost half an hour. After which we must use a wet cloth and remove the cream. Now mix a part of vinegar with water and clean the surface. Now we can evidently see that the stain is gone. In case of tough stains, we can repeat the process a couple of times more and it’ll be done.

Detergent and Hydrogen Peroxide – The Carpets are prone to have bloodstains quite a several times in their lifetime. It might be when we cut our hand while cutting fruit or our kids are hurt while playing outdoors. This solution works wonders in cleaning it up. We must scrap off the dried blood from the carpet by using some mild detergent that can loosen its dryness. Then add few drops of hydrogen peroxide that can immediately react with blood and create foam. We must just dab the carpet with a towel and dry it to see it is free from the stain.

Club Soda and Vinegar – When the carpets have stains of juice, wine or any other such drinks, we can use the club soda method. It is not that great, we can add a small quantity of vinegar to it and clean up the entire mess. We must use the solution directly on the stain by using a spraying bottle such that the nozzle sprinkles all over the stained area. We must leave it set for some time and later damp with range with warm water. Remove dampness with a dry cloth by pressing them hard to the carpet such that the cloth absorbs the wetness completely. We must dry it thoroughly and the stain is eradicated.

Ice cubes – When we have kids at home, the fear of gums and candies being settled and dried up in the carpets is likely to be more. The more they are held back, the more obvious will be the stain. The easiest way to get rid of this would be nice. We must place ice cubes on the carpet and as it melts it eventually removes the dried piece of gum or candy. On a need basis, we can add detergents to remove stain and clean it with a towel.


Solutions available in markets are effective, but we can wisely rely upon these as they are no less in its endurance, best befit, and of course, reduces our expense on buying cleaning solutions.