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Vedanta share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 [updated]

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Vedanta share price target

Hello friends, today we will know Vedanta share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, in which direction the performance of this company related to the production business of different commodity segments can be seen going in the coming years, today we will try to know.

Due to being more and more in the news headlines, most of the retail investors in Vedanta stock are seen investing in this stock, however, if we look at the long-term performance, then the company’s stock has not shown that much performance.

What kind of performance can Vedanta share show in the coming years? Today we will analyze the business of the company thoroughly, as well as look at the future opportunities of the business. By which we will get a good idea of how much Vedanta share price target has the potential to go. Let us analyze in detail-

Vedanta share price target 2022

Vedanta share price target: Talking about Vedanta’s business, the company is involved in the exploration, production, and sales of all types of commodity segments such as Zinc, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Oil & Gas, Power, and many more natural resources.

If we look at its Diversify in all the Commodity business segments, then Vedanta is seen as a leading company in India as well as all over the world.

Due to being able to produce all its types of products at the lowest cost, it seems to be able to make a stronghold in the worldwide market with great ease.

In the recent past, due to many environmental issues in the business, the management is preparing to sell some manufacturing plants.

The effect of which is also being seen in the share price of the company, due to this the downward trend in Vedanta shares may continue for some time to come.

However, keeping in mind the environmental issues in the management business, they are constantly taking new steps for this, whose benefits are definitely going to be seen in the coming days.

If we look at the Vedanta share price target in 2022 with some weakness in the business in a short time, then by the end of the year the first target can be seen trading at only around Rs 215. After that, you can get to see another target of Rs 225.

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Vedanta share price target 2023

Keeping in view the demands of the fast-growing Commodity segment, Vedanta seems to be adding a lot to increase its manufacturing capacity.

Looking at the last few years, the company has also invested a lot to increase its production capacity, with the help of which Vedanta seems to be meeting the demand of domestic and global markets very well right now.

In the coming years also, Vedanta is working on new projects in company to increase its production capacity, keeping in view the ever-increasing demand in each of its commodity segments.

For which the company has also invested a huge amount. As soon as the work of the company’s new projects will be seen to be completed, with the increase in production capacity, the business is also going to grow at a good pace.

As the company’s business will be seen growing, Vedanta share price target can be seen showing you Rs 270 along with earning very good returns till 2023. After that, you can stop for the second target to be Rs 280 interest.

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Vedanta share price target 2025

Looking at the coming few years, Vedanta’s management has a very big plan to grow the business rapidly, recently the management has announced that in the coming days the company will be seen entering the Semiconductor manufacturing business as well.

To increase its business in the semiconductor industry, the company has also seen a partnership with Foxconn and plans to invest around $8 billion in the coming years.

Vedanta has a complete plan to start manufacturing semiconductor products by the year 2025, for which the company is already making full preparations to set up factories in different places of India.

According to analysts, as soon as the manufacturing of Vedanta Semiconductor will start, the company is going to get very good benefits due to its maximum use in the Indian market.

If you are seen moving forward according to the plan, then Vedanta share price target can be seen showing you 360 rupees along with earning very good returns till 2025. And then you can definitely consider holding the second target for Rs 390.

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Vedanta share price target 2030

Compared to the whole world, India is the fastest-growing economy right now and the Government of India is seen investing a lot every year to strengthen its infrastructure, due to which different types of infrastructure are used in the work. Demand for metal, steel, and power is also going to increase, Vedanta being a leading player in this sector, the company will definitely see its benefits in the coming years.

Also, Vedanta being a domestic manufacturing company, under the self-reliant India scheme, the government is seen providing a lot of help to all these companies like maximum investment, and relief in tax, due to which Vedanta is increasing its production more and more. It is visible that the benefits of which are going to be seen by the company in the coming days.

Keeping in view the potential of growing the business in the long run, Vedanta share price target is expected to show around Rs.800/- to the shareholder along with earning very good returns to the shareholders by 2030.

Vedanta share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Chart Table

First Target 2022Rs 215
Second Target 2022Rs 225
First Target 2023Rs 270
Second Target 2023Rs 280
First Target 2025Rs 360
Second Target 2025Rs 390
First Target 2030Rs 800

Future of Vedanta share

If we look at the business of Vedanta from the point of view of the future, then the management is getting to see its business slowly turning towards the future in a very good way.

In view of the increasing opportunities of Semiconductor, the company is seen working jointly on its manufacturing, in India, there are very few companies working in the Semiconductor sector, so the company can easily manage this big market of India. Can take advantage in future.

Vedanta is slowly acquiring different companies in its sector for organic growth as well as inorganic growth, as well as rapidly partnering with many companies, which will benefit the company in the coming time.

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Risk of Vedanta share

Talking about the biggest risk in Vedanta shares, there is a huge debt burden on the company, due to which the company has to pay interest on a large amount of debt every year.

Due to which the management is able to invest a very small amount to grow its business, in the coming days, if the management is not seen reducing its debt as soon as possible, then there may be a huge decline in the business.

Talking about the second risk, the promoter of the company has invested money in the business by pledging all his shares.

If there is any default in payment in the coming days, then the promoter may have to surrender all his shares, due to which the share price may see an environment of big fall.


Even though Vedanta is working towards the future in its business, till the time the direction of the company’s business can be seen going in the direction, there is a huge risk for investment in the business.

When slowly Vedanta is seen bringing your business in the right direction, then you can think to invest in a small market gradually. But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision at any price, do not forget to take the analysis of the company itself or the suggestion of your financial advisor.

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Vedanta share price target (FAQs)

How will Vedanta share be from the future point of view?

If we look at Vedanta’s business from the point of view of the future, then there is a lot of growth potential, if we are seen moving forward with business according to the management plan, then a big growth is definitely going to be seen in the future.

Does Vedanta share pay good dividend to its shareholders?

Looking at the record of the last few years, it can be said that Vedanta share pays a handsome dividend every year to its shareholders.

Who is the present CEO of Vedanta company?

Sunil Duggal is currently appointed as the CEO of Vedanta Company.


I hope after reading the article (Vedanta share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030) you must have got a good idea of where the growth of the company can be seen going in the coming days. If you still have any questions related to this article in your mind, then do not forget to tell me in the comments.

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